Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger
Dr. Aurelia EngelsbergerFounder & CEO
People and their roles in interacting with each other have fascinated me since my first day of work in this business world, and that… read more
Tatjana Juskov
Tatjana JuskovCustomer Development & Head of Communications
I joined OMIND consulting because I am a strong advocate of a human-centered approach to business leadership. I genuinely… read more
Sophie Mineif
Sophie MineifMedienproduktion & Podcaster bei OpenUp2Innovate
I’m the moderator of OMIND’s podcast “Open Up 2 Innovate” and my responsibilities are all around media production. This is a… read more
Stephan Härer
Stephan HärerBusiness Development & Webdesigner
I’ve been part of OMIND’s journey from the very beginning and helped to bring this idea to life. Drawing on my experiences…
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External advisory board 

Heidrun Twesten
Heidrun TwestenCEO of Impacct
Heidrun Twesten is an entrepreneur – CEO of Impacct GmbH since 2002 – and has already accompanied numerous companies to the stock exchange in the first startup wave at the end of the 90s as a board member of a leading IR agency in Germany. She advises companies as an executive advisor in capital market transactions as well as in transformation processes and is active in the startup ecosystem as a business angel, author and co-host of the podcast EQUALIZER by/for female founders.

What Heidrun Twesten hast to say bout us:

“I totally enjoy accompanying Aurelia on her entrepreneurial journey – she is just a super smart, engaging and likeable woman with the courage to take risks. We need a lot more of that!”

Dr. Kirsten Mikkelsen
Dr. Kirsten MikkelsenDirector Entrepreneurship & Education Jackstädt Zentrum
Kirsten Mikkelsen (PhD) is Director Entrepreneurship, Gender & Education at the Jackstädt Center of the European University Flensburg and Systemic Coach. In addition, she is a jury member in various StartUp competitions.

Before returning to academia in 2009, she was an entrepreneur herself and worked in the field of human resources and corporate communications in Denmark. She is passionate about topics around innovation & entrepreneurship mindset as well as diversity & empowerment for (young) women. As a creative and driving force, she is committed to the development of a more inclusive and equal opportunity work environment.

What Dr. Mikkelsen hast to say about us:

„I feel honored and privileged to support OMIND consulting as member of the advisory board since I am convinced that the assessment of the open innovation mindset of (future) employees already is and will be a must in innovation oriented HR and corporate culture. The holistic approach of Aurelia and her passionate team sets the bar for future recruiting and business development processes.“

Dr. Ansgar Niehoff
Dr. Ansgar NiehoffREHAU New Ventures, Head of Technology Innovation Lab
Dr. Ansgar Niehoff is head of the Technology Innovation Lab at REHAU New Ventures and develops product innovations with his team, especially in the smart home sector. He has also been building strategic collaborations with tech startups from Israel for over 7 years and supports numerous startups from Germany, Israel and the US pro bono as a mentor.

What Dr. Niehoff has to say about us:

„Open Innovation is an indispensable key for all kinds of innovation in our fast-changing times. OMIND consulting, an agile and very competent team around Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger, starts exactly here. Open Innovation is taught in a very practical way and the process is accompanied from the first brainstorming to the practical implementation in the company very professionally and with a lot of enthusiasm. The company’s employees are at the center of OMIND consulting and I can only recommend it to everyone to embark on the journey together with Dr. Engelsberger and her team in order to stay on top of the times with the help of Open Innovation and to constantly develop further in the digital age.“