What we are doing

We establish an Open Innovation culture and start with the mindset of your employees!

The most recent IBM Open Innovation study showed that organizations that embrace open innovation have a 59% higher rate of revenue growth. So, you also want to embrace game changing innovation by collaborating with external partners, but you realize that knowledge exchange does not even really happen within the company yet? Your employees don’t really want to share their knowledge or accept knowledge from others, and you have no idea how to drive such a mindset change?

And if this knowledge exchange does not even work within your company across departments and subsidiaries, how could you possibly expect your employees to collaborate with external partners?

Rather than being considered optional, open innovation needs to define the underlying tenets of the enterprise’s operating model.

And the first step toward this is to foster an open innovation culture.

We can help you to:

  • Empower employees to take initiative and drive innovation.

  • Move away from fixed roles, flatten the hierarchy, establish relationships and trust, and collective decision-making.
  • Adapt incentive mechanisms to encourage collaboration, establish reward systems to motivate knowledge exchange, and define your KPIs to reflect the pursuit of long-term value.

  • Take a more fluid approach to the allocation of risks and rewards from innovation. Move away from a strict allocation based on equity or equal distribution among partners.

This transformation from a closed to an open innovation culture will only be successful, if there is buy-in from employees. They are the ones who need to exchange the knowledge and see the benefits of open innovation and knowledge exchange not only for the company, but more importantly for themselves as an individual. Only with employees who have an Open Innovation Mindset and who are willing to exchange knowledge, open innovation can be enabled.

We can support you with developing an Open Innovation Mindset across your organization through a scientific-based mindset development program (see our process). We have developed an HR strategy across the three levels of an organization (organization, team, individual) along with tailored HR practices such as customized training and coaching sessions.

You like this idea but as a number-driven business owner, you ask yourself how you will ever be able to know whether this will work and if investing in a mindset shift of your employees will eventually pay off? YES! Because we have developed a measurement tool that evaluates the Open Innovation Mindset of your employees and quantifies their development over time so you can actually present the created impact in numbers! On top of this, we track the knowledge exchange performance of the people in real-time and can present you a trend chart which makes it easy for you to track the performance of your open innovation project.

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