Our Approach

Our aim is to create an open culture with the employee’s mindset as a starting point. To provide a customized solution, it is very important for us to understand the actual needs of your employees. That’s why we start with an observation phase, where we accompany your team for a certain amount of time, and develop an actual-target analysis. After understanding the dynamics in your team as well as the barriers, we can provide you with custom-tailored human resources practices. We build an Open Innovation Mindset among your employees and help you to benefit from knowledge outside your own company.

We Provide Everything You Need to Succeed with Your
Open Innovation Projects

We are collecting data through interviews and surveys to identify your current open innovation status.

Our consultants provide a consultancy report that allows identifying potential barriers and areas of improvement against your objectives.

In close collaboration with you, we develop a custom-tailored human resources system that supports your individual open innovation project.

Based on your specific needs we will make our resources and tools available to you to ensure a straight path to reaching your open innovation goals.

Performance tracking and constant evaluation allow us to make immediate adjustments based on your changing needs.

Our Process

We Help to Establish an Open Innovation Culture

In the following video, we introduce you to our process of how we create an open innovation culture and establish an Open Innovation Mindset within your teams. We define the target in close collaboration with you, observe your team and get an understanding of the working environment. To get to know your people, their needs and the main areas of improvement, we conduct an interview with every team member. After collecting all the necessary data, we create a consultancy report, pointing out the strengths and recommended actions; we also present an action plan for the management. After that, the delivery phase begins: Through team workshops, training, and coaching sessions, we teach you the necessary skills and competencies and provide methods to enable knowledge exchange inside and outside your team. With the help of our digital performance evaluation app, we are able to track your progress remotely and can, if necessary, also deliver our content remotely.